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 Things are progressing apace. Our survey is done, and T and I have recovered from reading the 40 page report. We have decided that the detail was too much for our little renters' brains, but that eventually we will come to understand flashing and pointing and airbricks and all manner of mysteries. The key point is that the house is Not Falling Down (though there was the odd grave hint about the chimney).

So we have spent a few weekends being the epitome of Smug Marrieds, wandering around furniture shops (John Lewis, Ikea and Habitat, oh my!). OK, this was actually rather fun. And Thwecky joined us for an epic IKEA road trip, in which meatballs played a large role, and in which we learned that the many roundabouts of Milton Keynes will thwart even the savviest of sat navs. We have also spent a surprising number of evenings musing over couches ('sofa' still sounds weird to me) and playing with the IKEA wardrobe builder. Rock and roll.

Now we await the judgement of the underwriters on our mortgage application (I have been convinced, by the attitude of the bank, that two employed professionals with no debt and no children pose an extreme credit risk, and they are likely to ask for for a kidney or two as collateral. Also, I hate having to tick the big box marked 'foreigner' on these things.)

Date: 2011-04-05 09:44 am (UTC)
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Airbricks - must get a couple of those. My downstairs neighbours had some installed in December and the ground landlord paid (therefore definitely worth doing).


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