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 Contracts have been exchanged! We are now legally bound to buy a large pile of bricks, that I remember really really liking when I got to look around it 2 months ago.... Hopefully when we get the keys next Thursday I'll still love it. I'm sure I will. There was a bit of a saga over the conveyancing, which eventually came down to haggling over a $100 cost, which seemed ridiculous, but I can see how people break down a negotiation over irrational things.  However all is now resolved and full steam ahead.

I have a very, very long to do list, but we have a man with a van coming (there are at least 3 companies in this burg with names that feature along the lines of 'man and/with/in van'. Is this a UK thing?) This evening I began gleefully stuffing things in boxes. We're going to need more boxes.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts about my dad and my friend. Father has been forced to run on a treadmill with nary a peep from the heart, so he's OK, just needs is blood pressure a bit lower. Friend is out of hospital, home and cheerful, and seems in good shape, though she has a mandatory month off from saving babies from cancer.

Does anyone know any good packing music? So far I've only got this, which is probably a little sadly reflective...

PPS Any recommendations for good internet providers (especially locally)?

Date: 2011-05-13 02:10 pm (UTC)
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Good luck with your long list and many boxes! I'm glad to hear both your friend and your father are doing okay.

For packing music, how about Move Along by The All-American Rejects? :D


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