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I reattempt my poll, which seems to have been eaten by gremlins. See earlier post, in which I moan about my existential crisis, brought on by the lack of sweetcorn hotcakes with aioli. Yes, really.
Poll #10171 Brunch! (poll now resurrected)
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What do you want from a brunch menu?

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I can only choose one thing, so I require only 1 delicious choice
1 (9.1%)

I want a wealth of choices, with some fruit and possibly pancake based options in there
7 (63.6%)

Full english or nothing
1 (9.1%)

Time is an illusion, brunchtime doubly so
5 (45.5%)

Something else that I'll put in comments
1 (9.1%)

How important is the beverage component of brunch

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It's all about the coffee
2 (18.2%)

I like a nice coffee to go with it, but it's not crucial
4 (36.4%)

I'm partial to fresh OJ
5 (45.5%)

Coffe? Give me TEA dammit!
5 (45.5%)

Something else that I'll put in comments
0 (0.0%)

How often, in a civilised society, should one brunch

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Ideally a couple of times a month
6 (54.5%)

Once or twice a year maybe?
5 (45.5%)

Hardly ever
0 (0.0%)

Never! Mornings are an abomination and should be spent cowering indoors
0 (0.0%)


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