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 So I've decided to do a PhD. More accurately, I decided a while ago i would try to, and now I and my supervisors have convinced a funding body to sign up to the project and pay for me and my project.* The process of getting funding has been pretty long and drawn out (I started applying back in October), and culminated in having to defend my proposal to a room full of scary old men professors.**

So some time in the next 6 months (hopefully about November) I'll hang up my stethoscope for a while and get to grips with bacterial genomes. It will be odd after all this time of visiting and living in Oxford to matriculate and be a proper Oxford Student with a college and everything. I'm not sure the working hours will be better, but there will be fewer all nighters. Guess I'll have to rustle up some sub-fusc...

* But oddly they won't pay for me to get the degree. I will be paid salary  roughly 4 times (gross) T's graduate stipend 10 years ago, and the total cost of the department employing me is higher still, but the agency won't pay my fees. This would be inconsequential except if I enrol too soon I'd have to pay about £20k per annum. 

** That's not really fair. There was one woman on the panel. 
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