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Gloriously, I have only 3 more days as a GP, and will be back to the more chaotic world of hospital medicine next Wednesday. This means the end to my year of commuting - hoorah!

In celebration of this, I will be selling my car and reacquainting myself with my lovely bike. The good news is, that while my own test performance may have been mixed, Turk the Peugeot passed his MOT with flying colours! So I have a little car for sale, freshly serviced, MOT'ed and taxed for the next 12 months. If anyone is looking for a reliable if not beautiful [1], and very efficient [2] little runabout, get in touch. I'm looking at about £1000 or any reasonable offer.


[1] Read 'green, and with a scratch on the side from some bastard at the hospital car park'
[2] Gets about 330 miles for £30 worth of fuel
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 So on Friday night, it had been a very long week. 12 days long. And now it was nearly midnight and I had a 50 mile drive home. There was only one way to stay awake - singing. 

Iand there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last )
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For the first time in my life I'm a driving commuter.

It certainly has annoying aspects - the 2 hours lost from my day (especially that precious one between 630 and 730), the achey back from sitting down for so long, the road rage (if your vehicle doesn't go over 30mph, you have *no business* driving on a single lane A-Road with a limit of 60 during peak hour!).

I am however enjoying my driving music, since I am passenger free, which is loud, raucous, and (in the morning at least) sung along with. The afternoon trip involves slightly more frequent yawning, vigorous rubbing of the face and draughts of fresh air in attempts not to feel dozy.

Probably the nicest aspect is that I drive away from the rising sun in the morning, and away from the setting sun in the evening. So when there is a sunny dawn, or dramatic clouds and a little light, it can be quite spectacular.

car spot

Mar. 17th, 2008 09:32 pm
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Heeelp. Have just found out that the car park that Turk lives in will be 'closing for maintenance' while we are away, and all cars there will be towed.

Anyone know of a non-permit, non-pay and display car parking spot in Oxford? Does anyone have, like, a driveway? We can pay in duty free on our return!

ETA: problem solved! Thanks
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Well, actually, it was below freezing, and it became one of those times it is made apparent to me I am living in a different country (not in a transported bubble of normality as I sometimes think). It looked frosty outside, so I cleverly remembered to take a big bottle of warmish water on the 5 minute trek to where my car is parked. Poured said water over frosted windshield and windows. Said water turned into a (thicker) layer of ice.

I ended up resorting to running the engine and heater while defrosting the glass with my hands, which were (ever so slightly) above freezing, until I could actually see.

I can envisage I'm going to have to invest in some sort of squidgee-scraper thingummy.
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Finally getting out of the hospital at 10:20, I decided to go home via Tesco's to do some very overdue shopping for home. (Series of flood related events resulted in me driving to work for the first time). As I was driving out of the car park onto Cowley Rd, a passerby pointed out to me that my rear tyre was 'rather flat'.

Hopping out I see a cartoon-style deflation, with the rim of the wheel almost on the ground. I proceeded to sit back in the car, turn on the hazard lights and try to work out what to do. My (by this stage *very* tired) brain was drawing an utter blank. Get towed? Abandon the car (and a large amount ot shopping) to buy a new wheel? I pulled out the phone to call the brains trust, when the guy behind me started honking and swearing at me. I gestured at him to drive around, so he pulled up next to me and started yelling abuse at me. I exploded 'I have a flat tyre! My hazard lights are on! What do you want me to do? He looked at the cartoon tyre, grunted 'I see' and drove off. Then someone else behind me started tooting and we had the whole thing over again.

By this stage I was in tears, the phone had connected to [ profile] exactlyhalf, and I was flailing verbally at him. Then 3 very friendly workmen strolled up. 'Don't cry love', says one, 'it's only the bottom half that's flat'. Then they opened my boot, found my jack and spare tyre ('oh', said my brain 'that's right, cars have spare tyres *in* them') and proceeded to change the tyre for me.

I'm very, very grateful to these white knights (two guys from Bristol and and Irishman), and am resolved never to shop after night shift again, even if we're down to tea and toast at home.
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For the first time ever...
...I own a car!

Now I firmly believe in living the minimal life - eschewing consumerism and avoiding the trap of expanding the cost of your lifestyle to fit your means. I love my little bike (which has now paid for itself in work transport alone - by cylcing everyday I have saved the bike's capital cost in bus fares, plus had the satisfaction of climbing that damn hill).


My new job will require me to have car mobility - to be able to zip up to Banbury mid morning, and be back at the JR at lunchtime. So I have investigated, read AA reviews, scoured advertisments and last night we took the epic trip to Swindon [1] and I bought a (cheap, second hand) little green car.

And I love it.

It is so fun to drive it, and now my brain is concocting little plans like 'let's drive to Cornwall and see the coast' or 'Let's drive to Hidcote in autumn to see the gardens' and other bad things.

I fervently hope not to become a naughty bad car addicted CO2 emitting person.

[1] yes, we went around the magic roundabout, no, I didn't drive round it myself


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