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 Things that make me happy today:

- This adjustable pipette
OMG it promises to help me 'conquer new horizons in multichannel pipetting'. I literally screamed for joy when I saw that it existed.

- I drew phyllogenetic trees using data it has taken me months to accumulate. There are trees! They say stuff! I did science!

- Stephen Mangan as Dirk Gently. Tonight. I have no words for the happiness of this.

- Finally, exactlyhalf is coming home tomorrow. We will go for carols with the master. It will be wonderful
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exactlyhalf 'Is Stephen Fry gay?'
dr_b 'come on, what was his most famous role?'
exactlyhalf 'Colonel Melchett?'

Judge, regarding a man who has murdered both his children by stabbing them

" For any man to kill his child is a ghastly, horrific crime. To kill two of your children, each in different ways vulnerable and under your trust, is almost unimaginable."

Now, maybe I am deeply twisted, but halfway through this, I was convinced he was going to say 'looks like carelessness'.

Also! Today we had bundles of crap flying around the ward, when the nurse co-ordinating told me that 'what I had said restored his sense of balance'. Huh? Turns out he overheard me taking a patient's history and saying 'So, apart from the cancer, the back pain, the high blood pressure, high cholesterol and constipation - do you have any other medical problems? No?' Apparently this sounded much like 'So, apart from wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us? Nothing!'

Just how I like my days: pythonesque.

ETA: OK, clearly I overestimated the well-knownness of Wilde
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(inspired by foreverdirt's latest link)

One thing I have found to stand between me and the feeling that England is home, has been my lack of familiarity with the people of pop and political culture. I have for indtance, rarely any idea who humph is snarking about in ISIHAC. Partly this is because I have no tv. However, rather than get one, then try to trawl through for the good bits, I am asking you, dear friends list to point me the right way.

Week one: comedy

Can you suggest British comedy or comedians that would probably not be known internationally which I might enjoy? (eg a passing comment from shanith led me to mitch benn. Awsome)
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And all I can think of is Steve Taylor on the phone:
"Jeff... Jeff... just calm down OK....Look, three things. One, you should not be using your mobile on a plane. Two, the name of the island is pronounced 'Lez-boss'......Yeah, well that was fairly optimistic of you wasn't it?.....Three, the behaviour of breast implants at altitude isn't something I can claim great knowledge on...Yeah, no I'm fairly certain you can't raise it with a complete stranger...No, whatever danger you think she's in....No, not even with the people in 'shrapnel range'...'

Also seen recently on bbc news:

This sounds highly suspicious to me. I think some bungler of a Sugg is behind it, and this is a case for Lord Peter.


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