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Last weekend it was my birfday! The night before I took part in an excursion to watch The Golden Compass. It was not a fabulous film, but I actually found it enjoyable enough. Although there were some odd stylistic and geographic decisions, there was no actual butchering in ways that could have upset me. (And it was fun to giggle everytime Lyra walked through Jordan/Exeter/Queens/All Souls/Christ Church/college mega-mix). It would seem my lowering of expectations worked for me.

In the spirit of this, we had a "Lyra's Oxford" themed birthday do the next afternoon. It was far too cold and rainy to go off in search of a narrow boat to pirate, but we *did* play 'Kids and Gobblers' - which became vaguely disturbing. I survived, along with 2 gobblers and another kid, who was sibling of one Gobbler. It was a stalemate: thwen wouldn't gobble me, because if he did elleblue and cealdis would throw him in the river.

So we had tea, and choclatl, and bear paw-print biscuits made by Freya_9. Also, there was best birthday cake ever!

Shanith you are a marvel!

(in case you are wondering: the three hands pointed at an hourglass, a book and a horse. I formed the question 'When will I know so much that I get a knighthood?' The answer hand is pointing at a spider web, clearly telling me to bide my time, like a spider waiting patiently in a web. Cool.)


brightlywoven: Pickwick the dodo, one of a kind, hand made by my stepmum (Default)

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