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exactlyhalf 'Is Stephen Fry gay?'
dr_b 'come on, what was his most famous role?'
exactlyhalf 'Colonel Melchett?'

Judge, regarding a man who has murdered both his children by stabbing them

" For any man to kill his child is a ghastly, horrific crime. To kill two of your children, each in different ways vulnerable and under your trust, is almost unimaginable."

Now, maybe I am deeply twisted, but halfway through this, I was convinced he was going to say 'looks like carelessness'.

Also! Today we had bundles of crap flying around the ward, when the nurse co-ordinating told me that 'what I had said restored his sense of balance'. Huh? Turns out he overheard me taking a patient's history and saying 'So, apart from the cancer, the back pain, the high blood pressure, high cholesterol and constipation - do you have any other medical problems? No?' Apparently this sounded much like 'So, apart from wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us? Nothing!'

Just how I like my days: pythonesque.

ETA: OK, clearly I overestimated the well-knownness of Wilde
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exactlyhalf to emily_shore and me: Less talk, more primal struggle!
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It says something of the nature of David Lynch's work, that we were a significant way into tonight's episode of Twin Peaks before we realised we had the wrong audio track on, and Agent Cooper *wasn't* supposed to be speaking in German.

That is all.
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Cealdis (reading shorter OED after a game of Super Scrabble) to exactlyhalf: addenda and corrigenda...
Exactlyhalf (looking blankly): Don't look at me like I know what you're talking about
Cealdis (indignantly): It's your dictionary!!!
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Conversation after dinner
emily_shore: (smiles at parallel that exactlyhalf has just drawn between Australian north and and USA south)
exactlyhalf: I think there's something in this. Think about certain aspects of rednecks, like a right-wing intolerance. If you put me in a hot climate, I think I'd become more right-wing.
dr_biscuit: But when I moved to a colder climate I became grumpier, especially in the winter
exactlyhalf: Yes, but your grumpiness had a certain left-wing quality to it.
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exactlyhalf and I wrote this little ditty. We felt that Mr M Bunter, that modest many of many talents needed a backstory. Preferably one he could sing, so here 'tis.

I've been a wild Bunter for many's the year
But I've changed all my ways now that Lord Peter's here.
He needs a good man since that hell that was War
So I never shall play the wild Bunter no more.

And it's no, nay, never
No nay never no more
Shall I play the wild Bunter
No never, no more

A serving man's life is more hard than you'd think
I can not deny that it drove me to drink
I fear I'm a drunkard or one of that ilk
For I slipped brandy into me warm bedtime milk

But it's no, nay, never...

While polishing silver one day, by and by
A fair lady's maid caught my wandering eye
We shared tender glances, some smiles and what's more -
I kissed that young maid behind the kitchen door

But it's no, nay, never...

While sitting one night with another man's man
He pulled out some cards, and then it began
A few pennies here, some shillings, a crown
My master would no more leave sovereigns around

But it's no, nay, never...

A shooting weekend at a country estate
The men they got drinking, they stayed up quite late
But dawn found me creeping back into the house
And inside my coat were three braces of grouse

I worked for a gentleman, lived down in Kent
But there my career took a bit of a dent.
I left town in a hurry, and amid some strife
I was found in the bed of my master's good wife.

But it's no, nay, never..

Was out on my own then just making ends meet
My only companions the scum of the street
We held up a stagecoach, 'twas for London bound -
Made off with some trinkets worth six thousand pound

But it's no, nay, never..

Spent months on the road then, avoiding the law
Then the Kaiser turned up for a bit of a war
We made some good sport with the rifle and gun
Till Peter went out to a ball from the Hun

So it's no, nay never... (go over the top!)
No nay never no more
Will I play the wild Bunter,
No never, no more
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I delight in the following quote:

Hilton, whose face has graced the pages of gossip magazines for the past four years, said she was shocked by the attention her case had received.

"I would hope that the public and the media will focus on more important things, like the men and women serving our country in Iraq"

Yes dear, so would I.

(This doesn't quite beat the sheer glory of brainlessness of "In the future, I plan on taking more of an active role in the decisions I make.")

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After recently discussing the various names of Medleys, the annual med revue, it was suggested recently that these might make entertaining reading for people who were never med students. Just in case that is the fact, I present them here (with explanatory comments for some).
(And just in case it's not the fact, I'd like to state I had nothing to do with any of them)

Mortal Wombat
I should be Souvlaki (It's a Kylie Mingoue thing)
Fidel Castro-Boy
A fish called Rwanda
Pilates of the Carribean (oh the dancing, lycra clad pirate boys!)

I did once submit a name though, which narrowly lost to Mortal Wombat. It was:


(Was that show over here, circa 1998? It seemed inescapable if you watched the ABC)


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